Rita Papazian
Published: Jan 6, 2012

Raise your hand if you watched reruns of “Keeping Up With the
Kardashians” or “Kourtney and Kim Take New York” on New Year’s Eve. Oh, you,

Who knew this is the way I would choose to ring in the new year? The show
is both addictive and annoying. As one episode wove into another, I kept saying
to myself, “Why am I watching this?” But, I couldn’t stop. And then I asked
myself, as I’m sure many do also, “Why is this show so popular?

The answer is relationships. This is a reality series about relationship:
mother and daughter(s), sisters, mother and son, male and female partners,
business associate and client, mother and daughter’s partner (Scott), newly
married husband and wife and even one’s relationship with oneself. Ignore the
glitz, the glamour and the multi-million dollar lifestyle and the Kardashian story
lines are no different than our own lives.

One can just see the show’s writers sitting around suggesting story lines:
Okay, let’s have Scott do some soul-searching about getting back to his religion,
especially now that he is the father of a son. (Having his yarmulka fall off his head
a few times in the synagogue should have given him a hint that this was not
going to work). Or, how about Scott and Kris Jenner (his partner’s mother) spend
a morning together as Kris enlists Scott to accompany her to the Today show
which she is co-hosting (the fourth hour’s segment with Hoda) That story line
certainly raised a few eyebrows among viewers as the unlikely pairing leads to a
jovial lunch and conversation regarding how long it has been since each had sex
with their respective partners. I mean we’re talking about Scott talking about
having sex with Kris’s daughter Kourtney, the mother of his child.

The plot lines between Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian really take the
(wedding) cake. Basically, they are both adjusting to being married to EACH
other, especially since they had not lived together before that $10 million dollar

wedding. Of course, we know now that their marriage does not last and Kim filed
for divorce after only 72 days of marriage. But, watching the reruns last week, it
was entertaining to watch their adjustment – at least the way the writers set it
up. Kim, who is among a group of strong females – her sisters and mother – is
trying to demonstrate some semblance of strength, both physically and
emotionally, against her 6’ 10’ pro basketball husband. He seems to have trouble
distinguishing his wife from a basketball in his hands as he picks her up and
disposes her wherever he pleases. Reality Show or not, it is difficult to believe
that Kim, who is worth millions, would accept to be literally placed in such
embarrassing positions.

However the young couple in these post-marriage episodes do face some
very real issues that any newly married couple faces: where will they live since he
is from Minnesota and she is from California. She wants to live in California so
that their future children can go to school there just as she did when she was
young. Also, it is important for her career to be based in LA. He tells her that by
the time the yet-to-be born children are old enough to go to school it wouldn’t
make any difference where Kim lived because her career would no longer be
relevant. People would no longer remember who she is Another issue is whether
or not Kim should renew her prescription for birth control pills or let nature takes
it course and be open to the possibility of getting pregnant. We see Kim discuss
this issue with her sister Kourtney; a female friend who is the wife of another pro
basketball player; and even her mother. As we females have learned through the
years, never ask your mother for advice. It will never be something you want to
hear. Sure enough, Kim’s mother Kris thinks it is too soon and Kim is not ready to
bring a baby into her life so soon after getting married and with a high-powered
career that includes a successful reality show, clothing line and a Manhattan retail
show to manage.

Then, we get glimpses of a conflict between Kim and her friend/associate
Jonathan who she and her mother learn, erroneously, that he is schlepping a “tell-
all” book which it turns out it not that kind of book, but more an advice book for
young girls in how to be successful like Kim. That story line deals with friendship

and trust.

So, I must say, Keeping Up With the Kardashians afforded me some New
Year’s Eve entertainment. Kudos to the writers who keep us going back for more
as we realize that reality shows have indeed replaced the soap operas. For as
one “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” or “Kourtney and Kim Take New York”
ends, we keep going back for more in hopes of addressing the questions we have:
Will Kourtney and Scott get married? Will we learn the real reasons behind Kim’s
filing for divorce? Will Kim find happiness with another man? Will Kim and Khloe
ever get along? Stay tuned. 

© Copyright 2012 Rita Papazian All rights reserved.